LORENZ PETER grew up in northern Alberta in the early eighties. He attended Keyano College in 1990, studying painting & drawing, but soon abandoned the curriculum to embark on his own artistic journey, which saw him living and making strange music in Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. It was at this time that Peter also began the Side Effect mini comic – much of which was later published in a demented collection of the same title. As an outlet for his own demons and as an anchor to keep his mind from floating directly to the moon, Peter’s energy was directed into the making appalling fantasies, from which four graphic novels emerged – The Last Remaining Ancient Mellish Bird, Chaos Mission, Dark Adaptation and The Grey Museum. Atom Egoyan, Gail Singer and Chester Brown consider Peter’s graphic work “sublime,” and Seth calls him “a cartoonist to watch.” Lorenz Peter was awarded the 2006 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent. He lives in Toronto.