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On Vinyl

LP’s latest book available in fine comic book stores everywhere! 

From Conundrum Press:

On Vinyl is a love letter to vinyl and an exploration of the role nostalgia plays in the decisions we make. When Lenny opens a second-hand record store in Toronto, it’s the realization of a dream, and a welcome break from the chaos at home, where developers—and his landlord—are determined to push him out.

Unfortunately, Lenny’s store isn’t much more stable than his home life. Rent is sky-high, and sales are sporadic. Some days, he’s run off his feet while other days, smashing unwanted records is the only way to pass the time.

When he finds an old press release tucked away in the sleeve of a record, the discovery launches Lenny into his next quest: to track down the long-lost record collection of Hot Walter, an elusive and aging disco DJ, and maybe, just maybe, save the store.



Chaos Mission

An uncensored look at disenfranchised kids doing what comes naturally—smoking hash, talking endlessly, having sex and hitting rock bottom. Lorenz Peter employs the comic medium to make this unbelievable story hilarious and very fun.  



Side Effect

Side Effect is a collection of almost fifteen years’ work from Lorenz Peter’s running series of the same name, which began in 1991. It is deeply disturbing and strangely uplifting, twisted and profoundly humorous at its core. Here are short stories and unrelated segments that are consistently inconsistent, and capture the pulse of the dredges of big city life. This book deals with resenting popular overproduced entertainment, the evils of advertising, the corruption of souls by corporate powers – and the desire to escape, whether via drugs, obsession, or seclusion. 



Dark Adaptation

When someone close is dying of cancer and one’s life is thrown into turmoil, past events, and memories of these events, can surface and sometimes direct the course of one’s current life, bringing to light the worth of family and the parameters of love. In Dark Adaptation, the protagonist undertakes this journey, to make sense of the life he has already lived and the life he is now living. 




The Grey Museum

Set in the future, The Grey Museum is a galactic romp, following a small group of survivors as they fend with mystic beings, interstellar parasites and themselves. Everything here is decided by narcissistic gods and goddesses, disturbed spirits, and bored aliens. This other realm is brought to life with a wash of ink unlike any of Lorenz Peter’s previous work.



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1993 – Ludwig Felicio – Ongoing somewhat covert collaborative collage and noise venture that may one day emerge.

1994 – Mike Nightmare and the Things – Short lived rock group based in Vancouver fronted by the late Mike Nightmare (Of Toronto 70’s punk group The Ugly). Later became a duo named The Things, released one cassette in 1995.

1996 – Corpusse – Heavy noise and passion performance collaboration. Contributed to countless shows and recordings. Wrote music on 4 albums.

corpusse red2

2005 – Bay of Creatures – Recording project with Jay Isaac. Melissa Joakim joined for the last album. Dark noisy lyrical slices of mayhem. Completely self indulgent. 3 Albums exist, CD and download. Link to Paper+Sound new album soon!

2005 – Off World – On going performance and recording project with Sandro Perri. Numerous collaborations with other musicians exist as Off World. A trio of albums are being released in succession by Constellation Records of Montreal.

2009 – Les Fontaines – On going electro psychedelic recording duo with Toronto’s Heiki Sillaste, founder of Paper+Sound label and 90’s dance floor industrial group Digital Poodle. 1 Album on LP, 1 single and 1 cassette remix exists.


2012 – Processor – On going recording and performance duo with Melissa Joakim. Melodic discordant noise, bass and synth. 4 albums exist on LP and cassette.

processor shot

2012 – 2017 – Alone At the Foam Party  and LP Lorenz  two solo albums recorded in Toronto. These two albums are audio diaries making use of a variety of instruments and musical styles ranging from minimal spacey synth to rhythmic abstract sound and free form noise.

pps23_les fontaines_cananda_MP3_ART