– Forest Floor series 2018 –

9 x 12 ” ink on paper.

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–  Black White Grey  –

2016 series, Acrylic enamel, multimedia. This series was an attempt to escape the notion that art needs to be made with art materials. I wanted to use household supplies, building materials and hardware. The result was a collection of pictures and murals inspired by daily work, dreams, shadows and home decor.

–  Blues  –

2009 series, acrylic on wood 16 x 20″ This series was meant to bridge a gap between comics and art. Decorative with themes of emotional tension ruled by fantasy and moonlight.

–  Spring 2006 ink series  –

While opening and breaking apart a package of stale Plasticine, my attention was drawn to the detail of the substance, and the strange shapes it made. I began to create “stages” for the stuff and combining it with various backgrounds taken from (paper – film) photographs of recent trips. I painted these on fine watercolour paper using brush and ink. It took approximately a week to complete each one, and the creation of the series lasted from early February till June.