1993 – Ludwig Felicio – Ongoing somewhat covert collaborative collage and noise venture that may one day emerge.

1994 – Mike Nightmare and the Things – Short lived rock group based in Vancouver fronted by the late Mike Nightmare (Of Toronto 70’s punk group The Ugly). Later became a duo named The Things, released one cassette in 1995.

1996 – Corpusse – Heavy noise and passion performance collaboration. Contributed to countless shows and recordings. Wrote music on 4 albums.

corpusse red2

2005 – Bay of Creatures – Recording project with Jay Isaac. Melissa Joakim joined for the last album. Dark noisy lyrical slices of mayhem. Completely self indulgent. 3 Albums exist, CD and download. Link to Paper+Sound new album soon!

2005 – Off World – On going performance and recording project with Sandro Perri. Numerous collaborations with other musicians exist as Off World. A trio of albums are being released in succession by Constellation Records of Montreal.

2009 – Les Fontaines – On going electro psychedelic recording duo with Toronto’s Heiki Sillaste, founder of Paper+Sound label and 90’s dance floor industrial group Digital Poodle. 1 Album on LP, 1 single and 1 cassette remix exists.


2012 – Processor – On going recording and performance duo with Melissa Joakim. Melodic discordant noise, bass and synth. 4 albums exist on LP and cassette.

processor shot

2012 – 2017 – Alone At the Foam Party  and LP Lorenz  two solo albums recorded in Toronto. These two albums are audio diaries making use of a variety of instruments and musical styles ranging from minimal spacey synth to rhythmic abstract sound and free form noise.

pps23_les fontaines_cananda_MP3_ART