Chaos Mission

An uncensored look at disenfranchised kids doing what comes naturally—smoking hash, talking endlessly, having sex and hitting rock bottom. Lorenz Peter employs the comic medium to make this unbelievable story hilarious and very fun. 



Side Effect

Side Effect is a collection of almost fifteen years’ work from Lorenz Peter’s running series of the same name, which began in 1991. It is deeply disturbing and strangely uplifting, twisted and profoundly humorous at its core. Here are short stories and unrelated segments that are consistently inconsistent, and capture the pulse of the dredges of big city life. This book deals with resenting popular overproduced entertainment, the evils of advertising, the corruption of souls by corporate powers – and the desire to escape, whether via drugs, obsession, or seclusion.



Dark Adaptation

When someone close is dying of cancer and one’s life is thrown into turmoil, past events, and memories of these events, can surface and sometimes direct the course of one’s current life, bringing to light the worth of family and the parameters of love. In Dark Adaptation, the protagonist undertakes this journey, to make sense of the life he has already lived and the life he is now living.




The Grey Museum

Set in the future, The Grey Museum is a galactic romp, following a small group of survivors as they fend with mystic beings, interstellar parasites and themselves. Everything here is decided by narcissistic gods and goddesses, disturbed spirits, and bored aliens. This other realm is brought to life with a wash of ink unlike any of Lorenz Peter’s previous work.



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